concrete pumping pipe suppliers china

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How to properly clean the concrete pump pipe? This is a lot of users want to know the problem. Then we talk about this issue.

concrete pumping pipe suppliers china

When the concrete construction is almost finished, when the last concrete in the hopper is completely finished, remove the ferrule and remove the reducer. Then find a plastic nylon bag knead into the pipe into the pipe, and then clean the ball into it, in the back of the ball cleaning with a nylon bag on it. Adjust the adjustable tube re-installed folder, the hopper in the water, began to send water. This basically can wash the concrete residues in the pipeline. If you can reuse a ball cleaning even better. The basic order is that nylon bags plus cleaning balls, so the arrangement method, then the equipment starts to wash and wash. When the front of the tube to pump the bag and cleaning out, cleaning is completed. Do not remove the clip the next day if you continue, if longer to use, to remove all the clamps and pipe separation, the clip at a clean office for future use.

In summary, cleaning concrete pump needs very careful, so as to concrete pump itself looks.

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