What is the relative molecular arrangement of the Concrete Pump Pipe?

Many Concrete Pump Pipe suppliers offer chemical compatibility tables. However, engineers should be aware that chemical compatibility tables developed specifically for Concrete Pump Pipe should be used instead of chemically compatible tables for common pipelines. Therefore, only the Concrete Pump Pipe should be referenced, rather than the chemical compatibility level of the common pipe and related materials, otherwise the Concrete Pump Pipe will be ineffective or damaged, resulting in damage or risk of pump formation.

The Concrete Pump Pipe has excellent self-lubrication, low friction coefficient and low fluid transport resistance. The molecular weight is large, the viscosity average molecular weight of ordinary poly-eneene (PE) is only several hundred thousand; the ultrahigh molecular weight poly-yiene (UHMWPE) has a viscosity average molecular weight of more than 1.5 million.

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High impact strength, especially low temperature impact resistance, is currently known to be higher in plastics. Excellent anti-aging energy, under natural sunlight conditions, the aging life of ultra-high molecular weight poly-eneene is 50 years. Excellent chemical stability, in addition to a few solvents to corrode it, common inorganic, organic acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents (except naphthalene), no corrosion of this material. The ultrahigh molecular weight polyyiene is chemically stable similar to polytetrakiene, and is an inert material. The Concrete Pump Pipe is one of the important components of a crawling pump, and the end user often misplaces the tubing, making it unsuitable for the desired application.

Some users even used ordinary pipes instead of crawling the Concrete Pump Pipe, resulting in a disaster.

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