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Instructions for use concrete pump pipe:

1, in the concrete pump tube to send process, with the pumping pressure increases, pumping impact will force the pipe to move back and forth. This not only causes loss of pumping pressure but also impingement and intermittent tension on the connection between the pump tubes. Easily lead to early damage to the pipe and rubber ring, cement slurry overflow. Therefore, the pump must be fixed.

2, pumping operations, the hopper in the concrete plane should be maintained above the axis of the mixing shaft. Hopper grid shall not be piled on concrete, feed flow should be controlled, the timely removal of excess material diameter aggregates and foreign bodies, shall not be free to move the grid. When entering the hopper of the concrete segregation phenomenon should be stopped pump, to be stirred evenly before pumping. When the aggregate is severely separated and the mortar in the hopper is obviously insufficient, part of the aggregate should be removed and the mortar should be mixed again.

concrete pump pipes manufacturers

3, pumping concrete should be continuous operation; when the suspension was forced to suspend due to feed, the downtime shall not exceed 30min. Pause time should be every 5 ~ 10min (winter 3 ~ 5min) for 2 to 3 strokes of anti-pump - is pumping movement, feeding again before the first material should be mixed. When the stop pump time limit, should be emptying pipe. When the pump is pumped vertically and pumped up again, reverse pushing should be performed first, so that the concrete in the distribution valve is sucked back into the hopper and then pumped by the mixer.

4, pump rotation, it is prohibited to hand or shovel stretch, into the hopper or grasping the distribution valve. When working on a hopper or distributor valve, shut down the motor and relieve accumulator pressure.

5, shall not be free to adjust the hydraulic system pressure. When the oil temperature exceeds 70 ℃, should stop the pump, but still should make the mixing blades and fan operation, to be cooled and then continue to run.

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