What are the working scope of Concrete Pump Pipe

In construction, various tools and equipment need to be noted, and the working temperature range of Concrete Pump Pipe is an important factor to be considered. Some pipes, such as silicon rubber, have a wide temperature range and are suitable for high temperature and low temperature processes. Some pipes, such as Tygon and c-flex, are suitable for a small range of temperatures. Before selecting pipes, the end user should first find out the highest and lowest temperatures in the system, and then make sure that Concrete Pump Pipe selected works safely in this temperature range. For applications requiring gradual increase of temperature, end users should consider the impact of temperature on Concrete Pump Pipe's chemical resistance and pressure bearing capacity. When the temperature increases, the pressure capacity of Concrete Pump Pipe will decrease.


As each roller in the Pump head presses Concrete Pump Pipe, the peristaltic Pump will Pump a certain amount of fluid. Therefore, the size of Concrete Pump Pipe is directly related to the Pump flow rate. In other words, it has a great impact on the operation of the fluid delivery system. Concrete Pump Pipe is an important part to consider when designing quality peristaltic Pump. We need to calculate the best size or range of Concrete Pump Pipe. The size here mainly refers to Concrete Pump Pipe inner diameter and thickness. The inner diameter determines the amount of fluid pumped by the rotor for each rotation, and the thickness of the wall determines the ability of Concrete Pump Pipe to restore the original shape after each crushing, which greatly affects the service life of Concrete Pump Pipe.

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The size of Concrete Pump Pipe is too small compared to the size of Pump head, so the Pump head cannot hold it firmly, and Concrete Pump Pipe will be pulled out of the Pump head. Moreover, the size of Concrete Pump Pipe is too small, so the roller in the Pump head can not bear the pressure of Concrete Pump Pipe, which will cause insufficient Pump flow or complete failure. If Concrete Pump Pipe is too large, extra pipes will fold between the roller and the Pump shell or between the roller and the occlusal bed, resulting in too fast wear and premature failure. When selecting Concrete Pump Pipe size, the end users should follow the manufacturer's advice to ensure that the system functions are performed well. In some applications requiring higher accuracy (such as chemical dosage pumps), Concrete Pump Pipe size is more prominent. A small deviation in size will result in a large deviation in flow or distribution. Although some manufacturers provide Concrete Pump Pipe with the recommended size "close" and "look the same", there is often a gap. Therefore, in order to achieve the best performance and working accuracy of the Pump system, users should adopt Concrete Pump Pipe size which is completely consistent with the recommended size of the manufacturer.

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