pump spare parts manufacturer china

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Concrete pump spare parts are used in large quantities today in the construction industry and hold an important place in this industry. In the construction of concrete pump pipe installation and commissioning is very important. On how to use concrete pump pipe is directly related to the progress and quality of the project, set many years of concrete pump design, production technology and field construction accumulated experience to make some detailed overview.

pump spare parts manufacturer china

When installing concrete pump to test the source of concrete. In concrete mixers and truck feed, concrete pump tubes can be installed in place as long as they are convenient to take over and feed. If the site is mixed with concrete, first according to the site and mixing and machine feeding way to determine the location of mixing and machine, and then according to mix and machine discharge height and concrete pump delivery and take over to determine the requirements of concrete pump position.

Concrete pump connection operation is very simple, without special skills, ordinary workers can be simple training to operate. This is because the product has a large number of fine technical parts into the factory into the finished product. A tube connection only takes a few minutes, to maximize the technical difficulty of field operations to simplify and save working hours, which also stabilizes the quality of the project, improve work efficiency. This is also the general direction of the development of installation technology.

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