concrete pump delivery pipe Procuratorial methods

Concrete pump delivery pipe to make better use of concrete pump, can not use with the general concrete pump ways to treat it, in order to concrete pump delivery pipe of the slurry pump service life is longer, you should know the concrete pump delivery pipe inspection method.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the daily maintenance work of the concrete pump conveying pipe.The usual work, leave the check, regular maintenance, cleaning in time, in the concrete pump delivery pipe key place to pay attention to lubrication, some joint should reinforce at any time, inspect the hydraulic oil is also enough, need not to need to add, and so on.The following focuses on how the concrete pump pipe should be inspected.

concrete pump delivery pipe

As for the inspection of the concrete pump delivery pipe, it should be done before and after use.So you can find faults in time,

For example, the inspection of hydraulic components should be done before any operation and should be repaired in time.In particular, the discovery of the phenomenon of the occurrence of oil spill, to investigate all possible reasons,

Such as fine aggregate concrete pump safety valve, hydraulic pipe, hose, etc., in the and, of course, also include fittings and oil cylinder, abrasion and crack, if found any place should be timely treatment.

It is also necessary to check the safety valve of the fine stone concrete pump to the inlet of the oil cylinder. The basic standard of the phenomenon of the discharge or deformation is to ensure its integrity and solidity.

The solution: replace damaged pipes immediately.

Check not only the pipe, but also the lubrication.

First of all, make sure that the oil in it is plentiful and clean at all times, and that there are no leaks at the joints.This check also needs to be checked whenever there is a problem, stop the operation immediately.

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