Precautions for pipe operation during construction of concrete pump.

To ensure that the concrete can smoothly from raw material to stir well until pumping until casting in this process, and requires the operator to the operation of the each step can master, and each step of the construction safety considerations also want to keep in mind, so as not to pose a safety hazard.

The operation of concrete pump should pay attention to the following three aspects:

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When starting or stopping the pumping of concrete, contact the front-end hose operator.The bending radius of the front hose shall be greater than 1m, and the operator shall not stand at the outlet of the pipe to prevent the concrete from bursting out suddenly.


The conveying pipe should be fixed and solid. It is forbidden to bend the hose to avoid the hose explosion.When the pipeline is blocked, the end of the soft section will swing rapidly when the pump is delivered, and the concrete may be sprayed instantly. The staff shall not be near the concrete pump pipe.


Do not stand in the corner of the building, hold the end of the pipe, shake or spray the concrete pump, which may cause the operator to fall down.

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