What are the general requirements for installation of concrete pump hardening pipe?

The concrete pump harden pipe will have some basic requirements under the installation, so that the technicians of hebei daehuiteng anti-wear pipe fittings co., LTD will explain the specific operation points.

1、The pump body must be arranged on hardened concrete (thickness 100mm, C10).

concrete pump harden pipe

2、A 90 - bend pipe is selected at the turn of the pump pipe.The pump pipe is reserved through the floor, the horizontal concrete pump is supported by the horse stool, and the vertical pump pipe is fixed by scaffolding at the elbow, and the wooden plug and floor clamp are used for the holes in the floor.

3、pump pipe connection must be strong, stable, each pipe clamp position may not be in contact with the ground or support, tube card adhesion or greater in a horizontal distance 100 mm, 100 mm or higher off the ground, joint sealing closely (washer).

The independent column is concreted with tower crane, and the floor, wall and roof beam concrete are poured.

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