What should you pay attention to when working with Concrete Pump Pipe?

Concrete Pump Pipe is a very large number of mechanical equipments currently used by many construction parties. It can greatly improve the efficiency of construction. What do you need to pay attention to when working with Concrete Pump Pipe? This is a problem that many constructors are very concerned about.
Experts pointed out that: Concrete Pump Pipe is the most practical operating equipment in the construction operation. Be sure to pay attention to the relevant details and matters that you should pay attention to during the work. This is the key to ensure the smooth use of this instrument. It is imperative to attract the attention of every job operator so as to effectively improve the good application of the device. What should you pay attention to when working with Concrete Pump Pipe? We briefly introduce the following:

Concrete Pump Pipe
1. After the operation, all the concrete in the hopper and the pipeline must be output, and then the pump, hopper, and pipeline must be flushed. When rinsing the pipeline with compressed air, no person shall be allowed to stand within 10 meters in front of the outlet end of the pipeline, and metal ball baskets shall be used to collect flushing balls and gravel. The solidified part of the concrete can be removed with a spatula to ensure the safety and convenience of the next work.
2. Run both sides of the piston into the cleaning chamber and apply lubricant. Lubricate the lubrication points and apply oil to prevent rust.
3, all control switches should reply to the median (or cut off the position).
4. Thoroughly clean the construction site. For the attention of the concrete pump equipment in operation, it is important to attract the attention of the operators, so as to effectively improve the good use of the equipment.
Concrete Pump Pipe has been widely used in all major construction areas.

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