Winter concrete pump pipe insulation and maintenance

Winter concrete pump pipe insulation and maintenance

Low winter temperatures and bad weather conditions, pouring the concrete pump pipe of heat preservation and maintenance, then what are the practice of the preservation and maintenance of concrete in winter, we will introduce below.

1 at any time according to the variation of temperature increase or decrease in quilts, plastic film, electric blanket, such as thermal insulation material layer, keep down to concrete pump pipe inside and outside temperature difference control range, to prevent excessive temperature cracks.

2. The insulation material shall be tightly packed with the concrete pump pipe to prevent the exposure and ensure the concrete from freezing.

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The pouring structure is strictly prohibited to bear the load when the specified strength is not reached.

4. It is strictly prohibited to use the concrete that has not reached the strength by watering.

Above is the concrete practice of heat preservation and curing of concrete in winter, hoping to help you.

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