Quenching Treatment Technology of Concrete Pump Pipe

Quenching Treatment Technology of Concrete Pump Pipe
With the increasing number of Concrete Pump Pipes on the market, the selection of Concrete Pump Pipes has become more difficult. Pumps are gaining popularity due to their non-polluting pumping characteristics and the need for less maintenance. Concrete Pump Pipe is one of the important parts of the pump, but the end user often mis-selects the pipe, making it unsuitable for the desired application. Some users even replaced Concrete Pump Pipe with ordinary pipes, causing catastrophic results. However, when designing or purchasing a pump system, many engineers often overlook an important component, the Pump's Concrete Pump Pipe.

Concrete Pump Pipe

The unquenched Concrete Pump Pipe and the quenched Concrete Pump Pipe have different properties and life. The quenched Concrete Pump Pipe can deliver nearly 10,000 cubic meters of concrete. Concrete Pump Pipe dedicated heat treatment equipment 砼 Concrete Pump Pipe internal wall quenching heat treatment process Concrete Pump Pipe is made of special steel pipe, through the inner wall quenching, carburizing chemical treatment, flange bush hardness of 58-60 degrees, the durability of the ordinary transport 4-5 times the tube, so that users save time and costs, eliminating the hassle of frequent replacement, improve production efficiency.
Concrete Pump Pipe special heat treatment equipment is mainly used for internal quenching heat treatment of Concrete Pump Pipe, using special transformers, sensors up to more than three meters, elaborately produced. Quench uses a low-loss, high-insulation coaxial sensor, and the sensor can be customized according to the length and length of the specific user. The front end of the sensor is quick-connected to facilitate customer use.

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