The duct technique of concrete conveying pump?

concrete pumping pipe arrangement of pipe should be according to the specific construction conditions and manufacturer professional guidance, then what are the skills in terms of concrete pump tube, we mainly divided into four points to share with you:

1. What are the skills of vertical layout of pipeline?

In order to reduce the pressure on the outlet of the concrete pumping pipe, it is better to make the horizontal pipe length not less than 1/4 of the length of the vertical pipe, and generally not less than 15 meters.If the conditions are limited, the bending tube or ring tube can be added to meet the requirements.

B. When the vertical transmission distance is large, the pipe root of the conveying pipe at three to five meters of the concrete pumping pipe machine should be set up to prevent the concrete mixing in reverse flow.

concrete pump harden pipe.jpg

1. The technique of the side inclined downwards.

When the height difference is greater than 20 meters, the horizontal pipe with five times the height difference should be set at the lower end of the inclined pipe.If the condition is limited, the bending tube or ring tube can be increased to meet the requirement of five times height difference length.

B. When the slope is greater than 20 degrees, the exhaust valve should be opened first, and the exhaust valve can be closed when the concrete under the conveying pipe is under certain pressure.

2. Precautions for summer construction.

In the hot summer construction, it is advisable to cover the concrete conveying pipe with wet cover cloth and straw bag, so as to avoid direct sunlight and cause the loss of concrete slump in the pipe and transport difficulties.

3. Precautions for winter construction.

In the cold winter construction, it is appropriate to wrap the concrete conveying pipe with thermal insulation material to prevent the concrete from freezing in the tube, and to ensure the concrete's entry temperature and ensure the normal flow of concrete.

In the concrete piping layout, if there are other problems, it is better toconcrete pump pipe manufacturers with the manufacturer directly to obtain professional advice, thus further improving the construction efficiency.

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