The production standard of different concrete pump pipe bend.

Standard of chemical elbow pipe fitting:

HGJ514 carbon steel and low alloy steel seamless butt welding fittings.

HGJ528 steel is welded pipe fitting.

HGJ10 forging steel socket welding fittings.

HGJ529 forged steel socket welding, thread and butt welding receiver.

Hgj-44-76-91 steel tube flange, gasket, fasteners.

Hg20592-20635 steel pipe flange, gasket, fasteners.

Sinopec elbow pipe fitting standard.

SH3406 petrochemical steel pipe flange.

SH3408 steel welded seamless pipe fitting.

SH3409 forged steel socket welded pipe fittings.

SH3410 steel plate butt welding fittings.

Standard of electric elbow pipe fitting:

Typical design manual for the water pipe parts and components of gd87-1101 thermal power plant.

DL/T515 bend pipe.

American elbow pipe fitting standard:

ASME/ANSI B16.9 factory manufactured forged steel butt welding fittings.

ASME/ANSI B16.11 socket welding and thread forging fittings.

ASME/ANSI B16.28 steel welding small radius elbow and back bend.

ASME B16.5 pipe flange and flange fittings.

MSS sp-43 forged stainless steel butt welding fittings.

MSS sp-83 socket welding and threaded joint.

MSS sp-97 socket welding, thread and integral reinforcement of butt weld end.

concrete pump pipe bend

National concrete pump pipe bending standard:

GB12459 steel welded seamless pipe fitting.

GB/T13401 steel butt welding fittings.

GB/T14383 forged steel socket welding fittings.

GB/T14626 forged steel threaded fittings.

Gb91121-9131 steel pipe flange, flange cover and flange gasket.

Standard for pipe fittings of middle petroleum pipe:

SY/ t0510-1998 steel butt welding fittings.

Sy5257-91 steel elbow.

Japanese elbow pipe fitting standard:

JIS B2311 general steel butt welding fittings.

JIS B2312 steel butt welding fittings.

JIS B2313 steel plate welding pipe fittings.

JIS B2316 steel socket welding fittings.

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