The model of the concrete pump pipe rubber ring has those.

The concrete pump pipe rubber ring is the sealing ring used to connect the pump pipe.

From the model, the concrete pump pipe has DN125,DN80,DN150,DN180, DN100, and its named method is based on the inner diameter of the pipe.For example, the pump pipe with internal diameter 125, the sealing ring is called DN125 sealing ring.

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Points from the material, with a black rubber sealing ring, sealing ring has a translucent polyurethane sealing ring, general rubber sealing ring is cheap, polyurethane sealing ring prices higher, but can be repeated use.The concrete pump tube of the general pump is used with polyurethane sealing ring.It is more common to use rubber on the concrete pump pipe.

Rubber seal can also do some high quality, daeyueteng DN125 rubber seal for export, quality is good.

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