How to check the failure of the concrete conveying pump?

First is the phenomenon: when the concrete pump delivery pipe pressure gradually increased, and hopper material level does not drop, export does not discharge pipe, pump vibration, piping is also accompanied by strong vibration and displacement, can determine is blockage.

The second is how to determine the blockage: blockages generally occur in curved tubes, cones, and vibrating areas.At this point, the small hammer can be hit along the pipeline, and the sound is dull and blocked;The sound is crisp and normal.With the ear, the rustle of the sound is normal, there is a screech of the clog.

concrete pump delivery pipe.jpg

Our best to find out the reasonable elimination method: when the pipe blocked, should immediately take repeated method of positive and reverse pump concrete suction hopper back to gradually make the pump export mix before delivery.Also can use wooden hammer to knock the method, combine positive, reverse pump, make it dredge;When the above method is invalid, it indicates that the clogging is serious.After find out the congestion period, the tube will be removed, with high-pressure wind or a heavy hammer percussion or high-pressure water wash, after being thoroughly cleaned up, and good concrete pump delivery pipe and other pipe to continue pumping concrete work.

There is no need to panic when the pump pipe fails. As long as we have good enough treatment, everything will be solved.

There is a kind of branch called concrete conveying pump which needs to be mentioned in many pump types.It has a very high probability that there will be some difficult problems, which requires us to plan ahead of time, and can effectively solve the problem in a timely manner when the failure occurs.The problem of blockage of concrete pump delivery pipe.

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