Causes of cracks in the concrete pump tube structure

There are many reasons for the crack in concrete pump pipe pumping concrete. The following is the reason for the cracks in the concrete pump pipe structure:

1. Concrete construction skills and quality.If the construction technology of concrete is unreasonable, the vibration is not good, the maintenance is not proper, the model is too early, the construction load effect, etc., is easy to form the concrete pump pipe crack.

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2. Concrete selection and concrete production.For example, the use of cement has poor water retention, large bleeding, large reduction rate and large hydration heat, and the grading of the aggregate is unreasonable and high in mud.Or the concrete cooperation ratio is unreasonable, the water cement ratio is too large, the concrete collapse degree control is not appropriate and so on.These are easy to cause cracks in the concrete pump pipe.

3. Planning elements.If the reinforcement ratio of reinforced concrete is high and the reinforcement is too dense, the concrete pump tube is often difficult to perfusion when the gravel scale is large, and the homogeneity of the concrete is poor.

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