Concrete Pump Pipe Standard

Concrete Pump Pipe Standard
No stringent Concrete Pump Pipe standard has been issued yet, and Concrete Pump Pipe is often used for cracking. Here we describe in detail the retirement of Concrete Pump Pipe.
     1 The wear-resistant pump tube has a service life of more than 25,000 square meters, and the service life of the ground pump tube is about 8000 square meters. If it reaches a square amount, it means that Concrete Pump Pipe is approaching scrapping. According to the location, the end of the boom and the hopper outlet are seriously worn out.

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     2 It is very easy for the user to use Concrete Pump Pipe until the pump pipe ruptures. The slurry will only start to be replaced, which will cause the construction to stop and reduce the construction efficiency.
     3 When the concrete pump is blocked, it should be treated in time to prevent concrete from solidifying and causing the Concrete Pump Pipe to be scrapped.
The above introduces you to the retirement of Concrete Pump Pipe, hoping to help you

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