How does a concrete pump tube wash properly? You know?

After the completion of concrete construction, we must promptly clean the remaining concrete in the concrete pump pipe. How should we clean it? See below!
Q: What are the preparations before cleaning concrete pump tubes?

A: It is best to pump 0.5-1 cubic meters of mortar and pump it all. Then stop, pull the plate valve switch and remove the accumulator pressure.

concrete pumping pipe

Q: What are the methods of pipeline cleaning?

A: Washed and air washed. Whether washing or air washing, the valve body and hopper should be cleaned.

Q: The following steps during washing

A: Put a cylindrical cement bag and a washing ball that have been immersed in water into the cleaned conical tube one after another. Connect the conical tube and pipe, close the discharge door, and fill the hopper with water. Constantly). Pump water until the cleaning ball emerges from the front of the concrete pump tube.

Q: How to operate the air wash

A: Air-washing means compressed air purging. It is to saturate the water-soaked cleaning ball into the air inlet and wash joint, and then connect the first straight pipe connecting with the reducer pipe, and attach the safety cover to the end of the pipe. Safety The hole of the cover should face down. The pressure of the compressed air should not exceed 0.8 MPa. The air valve should be opened slowly. The atmospheric valve can only be opened when the concrete can flow smoothly. After air-cleaning, close the air valve immediately. Water washing requires that the cutting ring and the eye plate (disc valve pump requires the plate valve and the tie rod and the upper and lower wear-resistant pieces) have a small gap and require a large amount of water, and the water after the ball is strictly sealed does not penetrate forward.

Q: Matters needing attention when washing and air washing

A: At the end of washing, pay attention to the water in the pipeline and do not flow to the concrete pouring site to affect the quality of the concrete. This method is simple, less dangerous and more commonly used. Gas washing needs to be equipped with an air compressor, and it must be operated strictly according to the regulations. Requires good pipe sealing. However, washing is not too far, and it can be cleaned at a distance. This method is prudent and dangerous. Therefore, construction personnel should keep away from the exit direction and prevent pellets or washing balls from flying out of the wound.

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