Lubrication requirements of concrete pump pipe

Lubrication requirements of concrete pump pipe

Concrete pump pipe is an important machine for concrete pouring construction, and is widely used in construction industry. What are the lubrication requirements of concrete pump pipes? Let's introduce below.

1 ensure that the lubricating pumps in the concrete pump pipes have sufficient and clean grease, and the lubrication pipes and interfaces can not be damaged or leaked.

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2 in the work of concrete pump pipes, the lubrication system of concrete pump pipes should be carefully inspected at a time of daily characteristics. It is found that when Guan Jian is short of lubricating oil, it can be added manually in time.

3 in the daily operation of the concrete pump pipe, we should pay attention to the lubrication of all the components at any time. Once the position of oil shortage is found, it is necessary to stop the engine immediately to avoid the occurrence of the failure.

The above is the lubrication requirements of concrete pump pipes, and I hope to help you.

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