Causes the closure of the Concrete Pump Pipe

Causes the closure of the Concrete Pump Pipe
There are many reasons for the closure of the Concrete Pump Pipe. Let's talk about the cause of the Congestion Pump Pipe blockage caused by improper operation.
1 The operator manager is not concentrated enough.
The operator should have several managers in the construction process, always pay attention to the pressure gauge of the concrete pump. Once the value is suddenly increased, the pumping should be stopped immediately, and the pump should be pumped for 2-3 strokes to prevent blockage.
2 Concrete Pump Pipe delivery speed is not properly selected
The selection of the delivery speed of the Concrete Pump Pipe is very important. It is not possible to blindly map, sometimes it is not fast. When pumping for the first time, due to the large resistance in the pump tube, it should be pumped at a low speed. After the pumping is normal, the pumping speed can be appropriately increased. When there is a sign of blockage, it should be pumped at a low speed to prevent blockage.

Concrete Pump Pipe
3 The remaining materials are not properly controlled.
When the Concrete Pump Pipe is delivered, the operator must always pay attention to the remaining material in the hopper. The remaining material should not be lower than the stirring shaft. If it is too small, it is easy to take in air and cause the pipe to be blocked. The material in the hopper should not be too much, and should be lower than the fence to facilitate the timely cleaning of coarse aggregate and super large aggregate.
4 Downtime should not be too long.
Pump every 5 to 10 minutes during shutdown to prevent blockage. For downtime that is too long, the initial setting of concrete cannot continue to be pumped.
5 Concrete Pump Pipe cleaning problem.
 After the pumping construction is completed, the Concrete Pump Pipe is not cleaned, causing the pipe to be blocked during the next pumping. Therefore, each time the pumping is completed, the pump tube is cleaned according to the operation regulations.
The above is the reason for the improper operation of the Concrete Pump Pipe, I hope to help you.

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