safety requirements for concrete pump delivery pipe

Dayufeiteng is a professional concrete pump delivery pipe  in China.Do you know what safety requirements for concrete pump delivery pipe are required?

1. regularly (or pumping 3000 party), the thickness of concrete pipe should be detected. The method can be judged by the sound of gently beating, and can also be detected by thickness gauge, and record well. The new and old concrete pump pipes should be classified and marked for stacking or installation.
2. Under the environment of generous and high pressure, the wall thickness of concrete pipe must be reasonably selected and used.
3. grasp the law of the wear speed of the tube wall, and prevent the continuous use of the ultra-thin pipe in time and cause the accident.
4. train operators for training, so that operators are familiar with the performance and operation rules of concrete pumps, and pay close attention to the operation of pumps and delivery pipes. It is found that abnormality should be checked down as soon as possible. The on-site quality safety officer (or the builder) must regularly organize personnel to carry out a safe inspection of the whole concrete pipe.
5. do well the protective measures around the concrete conveying pipe. The floor and floor of the conveying pipe should be hung with safety warning signs, such as "do not stop" or "do not approach". The dangerous parts and directions should be strengthened, so as to prevent blast pipe concrete splashing, hurting people and destroying objects.
6. the pipeline installation must be firmly, closed, to prevent sloshing and loosening, and in line with the "concrete pumping construction technical regulations" requirements. When dismantling the pipe, we must pay attention to the pressure relief of the pipeline and strictly prohibit the dismantling of the pipe.
In order to prevent the phenomenon of pipe plugging, the pumping stop time is too long to prevent the unqualified coagulation of pump.
7. completion of each pumping, pump must be clean.

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