What are the concrete pump pipelines?

Concrete pump pipelines is the abbreviation of concrete delivery pump piping. Concrete delivery pumps include pump trucks, ground pumps, and mortar pumps. So what does a complete set of concrete pump piping include?
1, Concrete Pump Pipe. The ground pump and mortar pump are made of steel pipe of 20#, welded with standard concrete pump flanges at both ends and painted. The pump truck uses a wear-resistant pump tube made of 45mm2 Ansteel alloy steel pipe, welded with standard flanges at both ends, inlaid with a wear-resistant sleeve, quenched and finally spray-painted.

2, Concrete Pump elbow. The elbow used for the ground pump and mortar pump is an ordinary steel pipe that has been pushed by an intermediate frequency. The abrasion elbow used by the pump truck is cast steel live welding (the two-layer wear elbow produced by our factory, the concrete conveying capacity reaches 25000 square meters, which is your first choice for buying elbows).

concrete pump pipe bending

3, tube card. Ground pumps, mortar pumps, and pump trucks are all cast pipe cards. However, the models are very different. It is important to remind our customers to determine the model of the tube card before purchasing.

4, sealing ring. The seals used for ground pumps, mortar pumps, and pump trucks are mostly polyurethane (rubber seals are gradually being replaced).
5, rubber hose. Ground pumps, mortar pumps, and pump trucks are all equipped with double rubber hoses. The specifications are very different. Our customers must determine the model before buying.
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