What you don't know about Concrete Pump Pipe

What you don't know about Concrete Pump Pipe
The optical properties of the colloid of Concrete Pump Pipe have an important phenomenon, the Tyndall effect. The so-called Tyndall effect means that in a dark room, if a bunch of concentrated light passes through the colloidal system, a glowing cone can be seen in the vertical direction of the incident light. A strong light is transmitted through the sol and observed in a vertical direction of the light with a supermicroscope. It can be observed that the colloidal particles in the sol constantly move irregularly in the medium, which is called Brownian motion.

Due to the fact that the colloidal particles are not completely offset by the resultant force of collision of media molecules from the surrounding parties at a certain moment. The smaller the quality of the rubber particles, the higher the temperature, the higher the movement speed, and the more intense the Brownian motion.

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The moving rubber particles can not sink itself, and the Brownian motion of the colloidal particles is one reason why the colloidal particles cannot naturally precipitate. The electrical properties of the colloid are inserted into the electrodes at both ends. When the power is turned on, it can be seen that the colloidal particles gradually move toward an electrode, and the movement phenomenon of the colloidal particles under the applied electric field is called electrophoresis. The electrophoresis phenomenon indicates that the colloidal particles are charged, and the charge carried by the colloidal particles can be judged from the direction of electrophoresis.

Most of the Metal Sulfide, Silicic Acid, Gold, Silver and other colloidal particles migrate to the anode. The colloidal particles are negatively charged, which is called negatively charged colloidal particles. Most of the metal hydroxide colloidal particles migrate to the cathode. The particles are positively charged and are called positively charged colloidal particles. Studying electrophoresis not only helps to understand the structure and electrical properties of sol particles, but also can be used to study flocculation, or in biochemistry for protein separation. Electroosmosis of Concrete Pump Pipe At the same time as electrophoresis, it is also considered that a part of the liquid permeates through the pores between the colloidal particles and moves to the opposite electrode. While the colloidal particles are concentrated near the cathode, the liquid level at the anode is increased, and the phenomenon that the liquid permeates the porous solid in the electric field is called electroosmosis.

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