Here's What People Are Saying About Concrete Pump Pipe Design and calculation criteria.

Due to the characteristics of the new pipe, the traditional concept of pipe design is changing rapidly. The design of the new pipeline is to make the designed pipeline system meet the requirements of use and have good operating conditions. For ease of explanation, this book focuses on building water supply and drain systems. Concrete Pump Pipe has a wide variety of pipes and fittings, as well as pipe and fitting properties and joining methods. Concrete Pump Pipe design is to choose the best solution based on practical, safe, reliable and economical aspects. The specific design and calculation should follow the following principles to meet the service life requirements. For the purpose of use, new pipes, especially plastic pressure pipes, should first consider the service life rather than the allowable load. This is because the pipe itself is a permanent structure and its service life should be consistent with the service life of the building.

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The inside diameter of the pipe must meet the flow requirements. The inner diameter, flow rate and flow rate of the pipe are closely related. Under the premise of meeting the flow requirement, the optimum flow rate should be selected to determine the inner diameter of the pipe. The wall thickness of the Concrete Pump Pipe must be in accordance with the pressure. The rated pressure of the concrete Pump Pipe is closely related to the wall thickness of the pipe and the ring stress of the pipe itself. If the pipe is selected, which means that the ring stress of the pipe has been determined, the rated pressure of the pipe is only thicker than the pipe wall. related. Therefore, the wall thickness of the pipe should meet the requirements of the rated pressure. The selected pipe wall thickness and diameter shall meet the service life requirements for a given ambient temperature and medium operating temperature, rated pressure, flow and external load. The piping system should choose the most reasonable method of application and positioning method.

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