What is the detection method after the corrosion of Concrete Pump Elbow?

What is the detection method after the corrosion of Concrete Pump Elbow?

 Concrete Pump Elbow can cause corrosion when used incorrectly. After Concrete Pump Elbow is corroded, it usually shows that the pipe wall of Concrete Pump Elbow becomes thin, with local pits and pits.

 Concrete Pump Elbow's Detection After Corrosion: The basic principle of leakage flux detection is based on the fundamental characteristic of high magnetic permeability of ferromagnetic materials.

  The permeability of the Concrete Pump Elbow corrosion defect is far less than the permeability of the Concrete Pump Elbow. The Concrete Pump Elbow is magnetized under the applied magnetic field. When there is no defect in the Concrete Pump Elbow, the magnetic flux is mostly through the steel pipe. The magnetic field lines are evenly distributed; when the Concrete Pump Elbow has internal defects, the magnetic lines of force are bent, and part of the magnetic lines leak out of the surface of the steel pipe. By detecting the leakage flux that has escaped from the surface of the magnetized Concrete Pump Elbow, it can be determined whether or not the defect exists. Ultrasonic method Ultrasonic testing method uses the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection to measure the thickness of the wall after corrosion. The process adopts the method of self-propagating centrifugal casting. It mainly uses the chemical reaction of the substance, generates high temperature by exothermic combustion, and synthesizes new substances during the propagation of the combustion wave. During the test, the probe will send ultrasonic pulses perpendicular to the inner wall of the Concrete Pump Elbow. The probe will first receive the reflection pulse from the inner surface of the tube wall. 

Concrete Pump Elbow

Then the ultrasonic probe will receive the reflection pulse from the outer surface of the tube wall. This pulse and the inner surface reflect the pulse. The distance between the distances reflects the thickness of the pipe wall. Bending: refers to the processing of the pipe into Concrete Pump Elbow, generally refers to the professional metal pipe and electrical PVC pipe thread; Concrete Pump Elbow: multi-fingered water supply and drainage professional metal Concrete Pump Elbow, small diameter Concrete Pump Elbow can pass Get bent.

Cold/warp: General Medium and Small Concrete Pump Elbow can be obtained by cold bending; large diameter requires hot bending. Bending processing generally refers to the completion of the scene. Concrete Pump Elbow: Most (especially large diameter) pipes used in the engineering water system can purchase the finished Concrete Pump Elbow and the machining method is stamping.

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