Basic introduction of Concrete Pump Pipe fittings

Basic introduction of Concrete Pump Pipe fittings
Concrete Pump Pipe fittings are a relatively demanding accessory, and their quality is related to the service life of the pump truck, which also causes a strong concern in the machinery manufacturing industry.

Concrete Pump Pipe fittings have a high processing technology and require wear resistance even in light weight situations. The light weight means that the pump boom can be made longer. Wear resistance means that it takes longer to pump under the same concrete, which gives the user direct economic benefits. Therefore, the selection of the concrete pump pump tube is particularly important.

concrete pump pipe

      Concrete Pump Pipe fittings pump tube is generally divided into straight tube, elbow and cone tube, size can be divided into 125A and 150A, 175A several, which in turn have high pressure and low pressure points. General concrete pump truck booms are used in Concrete Pump Pipe are 125A low-pressure pump pipe, only in the use of 150 bent pipe out, 150A only butt 150A variable 125A cone.
       Pump tubes are generally made using the seamless steel tube forming technique and then subjected to various heat treatments. The pipe head of the pump pipe is connected to the pipe body through a specially processed pipe joint, and the connection of each pipe is connected by a pipe card processed by a precision casting process.
The operating temperature range of the pump tubing is another important factor to consider. Some pipes, such as silicone rubber, have a wide temperature tolerance range and are suitable for high and low temperatures. Some tubes, such as Tygon and C-Flex, are only suitable for a relatively small temperature range. In applications where temperature is to be gradually increased, the end user should consider the effect of temperature on the chemical resistance and pressure capacity of the pump tube. When the temperature increases, the pressure capacity of the pump tube will decrease.
      The selection of the pump tubing should first be convinced that all the pressure sources in the system have been clarified and the actual measured total system pressure has been obtained. If the pressure is too high, the pump tube will bulge and cooperate with the pump head, resulting in excessive wear and failure of the tubing. When the pressure of the system greatly exceeds the bearing capacity of the pump tube, it may even cause the pump tube to burst and spray fluid, which endangers safety. If the system exceeds the maximum working pressure, a simple pressure release valve or pressure switch can be installed to prevent excess pressure from accumulating.

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