There are many options for the wall thickness of Concrete Pump Pipe

There are many options for the wall thickness of Concrete Pump Pipe

Although Concrete Pump Pipe, but there are many differences, the key difference between Concrete Pump Pipe is the thickness of the wall, depending on the circumstances, it is possible to choose the different thickness of the wall of the Concrete Pump Pipe, so that the construction The use of more targeted, and the effect is relatively good, ordinary Concrete Pump Pipe, used in special circumstances, the effect may not be better protected.

Concrete Pump Pipe

Especially when the transport height of the pump truck reaches 40 meters or more, when selecting the Concrete Pump Pipe, it is also necessary to consider the thickness of the pump tube. If the thickness of the pump tube is not taken into consideration, the transportation effect may not be achieved. The construction side's request is a more serious problem.
If it is less than 40 meters, then the thickness requirements for Concrete Pump Pipe is not so strict, no matter whether it is 4.5 mm or 4.8 mm, he is not a problem. This situation is more common, but if it exceeds this height The choice needs attention.

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