Concrete Placing Boom Machine Maintenance and Care

Concrete Placing Boom Machine Maintenance and Care:
(1) The purpose of regular maintenance. The purpose of Concrete Placing Boom Machine is to ensure the proper operation of the equipment and the long service life of the machinery and equipment, to prevent undue damage and undue mechanical accidents.
(2) Maintenance items include cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, antisepsis, etc.

(3) Mainly for the problems found in daily routine inspections. Some parts are disassembled for inspection, repair, replacement, or simple repair of worn parts. At the same time, equipment performance is restored through gun inspection, adjustment, and fastening of mechanical parts.

Concrete Placing Boom Machine

(4) Maintenance is based on the actual technical condition of the equipment. For items whose state deterioration has not reached the production process requirements, targeted repairs are carried out according to actual needs. Partial disassembly, inspection, replacement, or Repair failed parts and, if necessary, perform partial repairs and corrections to the reference parts to restore the performance and accuracy of the repaired parts. Vertical guarantees the Concrete Placing Boom Machine has good technical condition and normal working performance throughout the overhaul interval.
(5) Overhaul is a periodic and thorough inspection and recovery repair of machinery during its life cycle. During overhaul, all or most of the components of the equipment are disassembled, the reference parts are repaired, and all the inappropriate parts are replaced or repaired. The electrical system of the repair equipment, the accessories for the repair equipment and the appearance of the refurbishment, etc. are eliminated, so as to completely eliminate the defects existing before the repair. Restore the specified technical performance and accuracy of the equipment.

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