Concrete Pump Pipe for ultra-high pressure (2)

Concrete Pump Pipe  Construction process flow and technical method
The construction process of the project shall strictly follow the technical specifications for underground waterproof engineering (gbj108-87), construction and acceptance specifications for foundation and foundation engineering (gbj202-83), and organize the construction according to the design requirements.
As shown in the construction process:
1. Test and release pile location: according to the requirements of the drawing, when determining pile location, make every effort to be accurate, and carry out recheck, pile location is driven into wooden pile or short steel bar for marking.

2, drill installation: drill must be solid weeks after installation, placed on the calibration of the pile location, bit center on the pile, the pile location deviation shall not be more than 20 mm, with a spirit level adjustment drill horizontal and vertical pipe, to ensure the hole slope is not greater than 1%. In the drilling process, if the hole deviation is found to be too large after inspection, the horizontal degree of pile driver and the vertical degree of drill pipe should be adjusted in time. After the final hole, the amount of drilling tool should be calibrated, and the precision of hole depth should be controlled within + 10cm.
3, drilling, hole diameter Φ 110 ~ 130 mm, drilling depth to the design requirements.

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4. Position of pile machine: move the drill away after completion of drilling and replace it with rotary jet pile machine. Place pile machine on pile has become a bit center alignment hole location, registration deviation shall not be more than 30 mm, to ensure that the final pile deviation is not more than 50 mm, with a spirit level adjust level and the perpendicularity of the grouting pipe pile machine, to ensure that the heavy straight degree of pile is not greater than 1%.
5. Ground spray: before applying Concrete Pump Pipe, the Concrete Pump Pipe should be sprayed on the ground to check whether all technical parameters meet the design requirements.
6. Slurry preparation: cement slurry is to be mixed with cement slurry using 1:1 water-cement ratio mixer.
7, rotary jet grouting, the grouting pipe underneath to design depth, start the high pressure water jet, grouting pump and air compressor, rotary spray operations, about half a minute after stop at pile bottom slurry by 60 ~ 150 mm/min speed slowly ascending pipe, borrow jet spinning the coordinating role of ascension will coarse particle in the slurry and the original soil and the new cutting body into an organic whole, pile after curing. In the process of grouting, the construction personnel must carefully check the water cement ratio of cement slurry and flow, high pressure Concrete Pump Pipe pressure and increasing speed and rotary speed of drill Pipe construction parameters, and in a timely manner to make a good record of site construction.
8, backfill grouting: after the injection, the slurry drainage consolidation, face down, should be timely to hole added cement until liquid level no longer drop, this project adopts the gravity flow injection.
9. After the completion of spray construction, wash Concrete Pump Pipe and other equipment with clean water, and no residual cement in the Pipe is allowed.

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