Concrete Pump Pipe for ultra-high pressure (1)

Technical requirements
In general, the triple Concrete Pump Pipe high pressure rotary jet pile is used as a water stop curtain at the junction of drilling and grouting pile and underground continuous wall. Considering the construction areas are unable to dismantle communication optical cable, gas, water pipeline, bored piles can only in the clearance of each pipeline construction, there is gap between piles is bigger, the triple Concrete Pump Pipe into the high pressure jet grouting pile after pile of pile diameter in 800 mm, so employs three Concrete Pump high pressure jet grouting pile Pipe for water curtain in order to achieve the effect of the check is not so far.
Construction technical parameters:

Concrete Pump Pipe

1. Water injection pressure: 28 ~ 32MPa;
2. Flow rate: 80-120l /min;
3. Number of nozzles: 2;
4. Grouting pressure: 0.5-1.0mpa;
5. Airflow pressure: 0.3-0.5mpa;
6. Pipe lifting speed: 60-150mm /min, generally 120mm/min;
7. Rotary jet speed: 10-15r /min;
8. Cement slurry water-cement ratio: temporarily press 1:1, and the average cement consumption of pile is 450kg/m.
9. The hole position error is less than 50mm, the hole depth error is less than 100mm, and the vertical deviation is less than 1%.
10. The specific construction parameters shall be adjusted by the relevant personnel after site test.

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