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The pump is mainly composed of cement, sand, stone, admixture and water, forming numerous particles with different sizes and shapes. After stirring, mixing water by coagulation on the main medium will be countless granule package fur, connect and to pack small particles of large particles form, make cement mortar evenly wrapped in coarse aggregate surface, and carrying the coarse aggregate in suspension movement in the conveying pipe, in this state to form a flow of concrete that is, can pump condensate on the formation of crime. The pressure due to the pumping process, a part of the cement mortar were pushed to the outer tube, the formation of a county in the lubrication between coarse aggregate and tube wall, so that the coarse aggregate smoothly through the pump. Only the state of the coagulation is maintained; the pump can be carried out smoothly. When the lubrication layer is destroyed, the blockage phenomenon will occur when the friction resistance on the local and even most parts of the conveying pipe is too large (the friction force inside the concrete and the friction force of the clay wall to the tube wall).

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concrete pumping pipe


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