concrete pumping pipes for sale

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What are the concrete pump pipe laying requirements?
(1) The horizontal pumping pipe should be laid straight.
(2) The vertical pipe shall not be directly attached to the horizontal pipe on the output of the pump. The length of the vertical pipe shall be not less than 20m in length and the check valve shall be installed near the horizontal pipe.
(3) The laying of downward sloping pipe, the output should be installed on a horizontal pipe, the length of not less than 5 times the height difference of the inclined pipe. When the inclination is larger, the exhaust valve should be installed at the top of the slope.
(4) The pumping pipe should be supported and fixed. A wooden mat shall be set as a buffer between the pipe and the fixed object, and shall not be directly connected with the steel bar or the template. The connection between the pipe and the pipe shall be firm. Pipe joints and clamps should be securely fastened, shall not be grout; shall not wear the pipeline installed in the rear high-pressure zone.
(5) After the laying of the pumping pipeline, pressure test should be carried out.

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concrete pumping pipes for sale

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