concrete pumping pipe suppliers

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Concrete construction is inseparable from the concrete pump, reasonable installation of concrete pump and pump tube can reduce the occurrence of failure, improve the efficiency of concrete delivery. So what are the installation requirements of concrete pump and pump tube? Here we will introduce.

concrete pumping pipe suppliers
1. Concrete pump must be arranged on a hard ground, there can be no obstacles around to facilitate access to concrete mixer.
2. Use a 90 ° bend at the tube bend. Should pass through the floor reserved hole. The horizontal pump tube is supported by a horse stool. The vertical pump tube needs to be fixed at a distance. The reserved hole in the floor is clamped with a cork to the floor to prevent the pump tube from accumulating.
3. The pump tube connection must use a standard tube card. The position of the tube card can not be in contact with the ground or the support. The tube card should be ≥100mm from the support in the horizontal direction and ≥100mm from the ground. The pump tube joint should be sealed with a sealing ring.
4. The use of tower crane and other tools pouring column, the floor, wall, roof beam concrete pump to use pouring.
The above is the concrete pump and pump pipe installation requirements, reasonable installation can effectively reduce the occurrence of the fault, welcome the majority of customers purchasing our company's concrete pump pipe.

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