concrete pump pipeline china

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concrete pump pipeline china

The causes of cracks in concrete pump pipeline china are complex:

First, concrete construction skills and quality. Such as the construction of concrete unreasonable, poor vibration, maintenance is wrong, mold removal too early, the construction load effect, are easy to form concrete cracks.

Second, concrete selection and production of concrete. Such as the use of cement water retention is poor, large bleeding capacity, shortening rate, hydration heat, the aggregate used in the unreasonable, high mud content. Or concrete cooperation than unreasonable, water-cement ratio is too large, concrete slump control and so on. These are likely to cause cracks in the concrete structure.

Third, planning elements. Such as reinforced concrete reinforcement rate is high, reinforced too dense, when the stone scale is too large when the concrete is often difficult to perfusion, so that homogeneity is poor, easy to form shortened uneven and crack.

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