concrete pump pipe

Concrete pump pipe is a spare part of concrete pump truck and concrete pumps.it improves the efficiency of construction, increased nearly a hundred times in concrete placement. It is also called Straight Pipe.

With the use of time increases, the duct may be worn locally phenomenon. At this point generally only need to repair elbow. Because under normal circumstances, when a straight tube wear a certain part, the rest of the part is also close to the wear limit, no repair value, while the elbow generally should first wear the bend. The repair method is to cut a piece of medium size film on the waste pipe, and then grind the damaged parts and pieces with a grinder to select the welding rod suitable for the pipe. It should be noted that during repair should pay attention to the curvature of the repair.

concrete pump pipe

In the construction, repair the pipeline must ensure safety, under the circumstances of the case of repair, it is recommended that the majority of construction workers careful operation, to ensure foolproof.

Once the concrete pump pipeline china damage, many people think of timely replacement, then it can be repaired it? If you still want to know its common sense, you can visit our official website for more information, you can also call our hotline.

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