concrete pump harden pipe

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concrete pump harden pipe

What are the requirements for concrete pump and pump tubing installed?
① The pump body must be arranged on a hardened concrete foundation (thickness 100mm, C10).
② tubing turn at the choice of 90 ° elbow. The pump tube is reserved from the floor through the floor, the horizontal concrete pump is supported by the horse stool, the vertical pump tube is fixed at the elbow and the hole is clamped with the cork and the floor.
③ pump pipe connection must be strong and stable, the location of the tube card shall not be in contact with the ground or support, the tube in the horizontal direction from the support ≥ 100mm, from the ground ≥ 100mm, tight joints (gasket can not be less).
④ independent column concrete tower crane pouring, floor, wall, roof beam concrete pouring pump.

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