How to choose a Seal ring

How to choose a Seal ring
Seal ring is the most commonly used   Concrete Pump Pipe  fitting. It is made of rubber. It is used in the Concrete Pump Pipe to seal. How to choose Seal ring? Let's introduce it.
1, the choice of temperature. The normal operating temperature of the Seal ring is usually between -40 and 120 °C. If the temperature exceeds 120 °C, you should consider the use of FKM material or PTFE material Seal ring. For the low temperature condition is relatively rare, usually under the conditions of -20--40 ° C, the need to consider the use of cold-resistant NBR material, NBR material under low temperature conditions, the material will become hard, leakage phenomenon.

Seal ring
2. The choice of pressure. This also affects the way the rubber seal ring is used in the rubber fittings to be used. In general, there is little doubt about the choice of rubber or PU seals in low and medium pressure conditions. However, it is necessary to think about a problem of impact pressure. For example, in engineering machinery, when the engine is closed, its impact pressure is far greater than the normal working pressure. Therefore, it is usually used to withstand the impact resistance of 70MPA. HBY material or SPGW material is used as the main sealing material. In addition, PTFE combination seals are also a common choice.
   The above describes how to choose the Seal ring, I hope to help everyone, I sell the Seal ring produced by regular manufacturers.

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