Concrete pump tube installation requirements

Concrete Pump Pipe installation requirements
Concrete construction is inseparable from the concrete pump. Reasonable installation of the Concrete Pump Pipe can reduce the occurrence of failure and increase the delivery efficiency of the concrete pipeline. So what are the installation requirements for Concrete Pump Pipes? Let's introduce them.

1 The Concrete Pump Pipe must be placed on a hard surface and there must be no obstructions around it to facilitate the entry and exit of concrete mixer trucks.

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2 Use a 90° elbow at the bend of the pump tube. Should be set aside through the reserved hole in the floor slab. The horizontal pump tube shall be supported by a horse stool. The vertical pump tube shall be fixed at intervals and shall be clamped with cork and floor at the reserved hole of the floor slab to prevent the pump tube from moving.
3 The pump pipe connection must use the standard pipe clamp. The location of the pipe clamp must not be in contact with the ground or the support. The pipe clamp should be ≥100 mm from the support in the horizontal direction and ≥100 mm from the ground. The seal of the pump pipe joint must be sealed.
4 When using a tower crane or other tools to cast a separate column, the concrete of the floor, walls, and roof beams is cast using a ground pump.

The above is the installation requirements for Concrete Pump Pipes. Reasonable installation can effectively reduce the occurrence of failures. Welcome customers to purchase the pump tubes of our factory.

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