Concrete Pump Pipe shock absorption measures

Concrete Pump Pipe is made up of several pipes, which will vibrate when working. If no measures are taken, the pipes will burst and even damage the floor. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the vibration of concrete Pump Pipe.

The most common shock mitigation measure at present is to fix Concrete Pump Pipe.

Concrete Pump Pipe.jpg

Concrete Pump Pipe is used to pump concrete most of the time in the construction process. There are several common ways of pump pipe support and shock absorption.

First, the old tyres used for reinforcing steel bars.

The two is to make simple steel support to Concrete Pump Pipe rack.

The three is to erect steel pipe support.

All three methods can not reduce the influence of the vibration of Concrete Pump Pipe on the reinforced bar and the formwork support. However, some defects such as unbalanced local force and inadequate reinforcement of the pump pipe can not meet the safety requirements of the construction site in the concrete pouring stage.
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