Concrete Pump Pipe insulation method

Concrete Pump Pipe insulation method
    In the winter, the temperature drops sharply. How should the Concrete Pump Pipe in the construction be insulated? Let us introduce the insulation method of the Concrete Pump Pipe.
     1 Concrete Pump Pipe is coated with flame-retardant straw curtain and wrapped, and the long-side winding pump tube with straw curtain is wrapped and the loud straw curtains should be overlapped with each other. After pouring the concrete every day, see the concrete. If the concrete inside the pump tube is cleaned, there is no water in the pump tube to prevent the water from freezing.

Concrete Pump Pipe
     2 Concrete structure engineering construction adopts integrated heat storage method. When the temperature is low, in order to ensure the quality of the project, according to the construction area. The furnace is uniformly erected with six furnaces for heating. The lower part of the furnace is 60cm above the ground. The upper part of the furnace is placed with steel plates to distribute the heat evenly. The upper part of the steel plate is placed in a bucket to maintain the air humidity to avoid concentrated heat above and below the furnace, resulting in premature water loss of the concrete. Cracks and other phenomena.
     The above is the insulation method of Concrete Pump Pipe. Our company specializes in the production of Concrete Pump Pipe, welcome to come to purchase negotiations.

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