Concrete Pump Pipe causes of local leakage

Concrete Pump Pipe causes of local leakage
 After the mortar leaks, it not only affects the quality of the concrete, but also causes the concrete slump to decrease after the slurry is leaked, resulting in serious pumping pressure loss, which leads to blockage of the pipe. Below we will introduce the causes of local leakage.
    1Concrete Pump Pipe connection is not tight. The reason is due to loose tube or damaged seal. At this point, the pipe clamp should be tightened and the seal ring replaced.
    2 The gap between the glasses plate and the cutting ring is too large. The gap between the eyeglass plate and the cutting ring can be reduced by adjusting the shaped bolts. If the wear is severe, it should be more immediate.

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    3 The pump piston is seriously worn. Always observe whether the water in the water tank is turbid, whether there is mortar or not, and it is found that the water becomes turbid, indicating that the piston of the pump has been seriously worn and should be replaced in time, otherwise the pipe will be blocked due to leakage and pressure loss.
    4 Leakage caused by severe wear of the transfer cylinder. If the water in the tank is quickly turbid after replacing the piston, and the piston is good, it indicates that the tank is worn and the tank needs to be replaced.
The above describes the cause of the partial leakage of Concrete Pump Pipe, hoping to help everyone, local leakage is easy to cause blockage

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