Concrete Placing Boom Machine

How to solve the problem of Concrete Placing Boom Machine jam
Concrete pumping of concrete occurs when the tube is plugged. It was observed that when pumping concrete, it was always blocked at the third quarter Concrete Placing Boom Machine, and it was suspected that there was foreign matter in the pump tube.

(1) Unpack the third section of the pump tube and check that there are no foreign objects inside the tube and reinstall it. The test machine is still in failure.

Concrete Placing Boom Machine

(2) Play the positive pump, observe that the main system pressure is about 10 MPa, the pressure is normal, and check the system pressure, the maximum pressure can reach 34 MPa, so the car is a new car only for 3 months, so it can eliminate the main pump hydraulic pressure system error.
(3) Shutdown and pressure relief After removing the reducer, check that there is no foreign matter in the S pipe, and check the piston head at the same time. Normally, no wear occurs.
(4) Disassemble the elbow at the third section of the boom and play the positive pump. The concrete can be pumped. It is suspected that there is foreign matter in the pump tube. There is no foreign matter in the inspection.
(5) Analyze the pumping system and the pressure is normal. The piston in the delivery cylinder is normal and there is no foreign matter in the S-tube. The fault should be judged in the pump tube. After unpacking all the pump tubes, a stirrer blade stuck on the mixer truck was found in the first horizontal pipe at the walking platform. After cutting off with an acetylene flame, the pump tube was reinstalled, and the test pump pumped everything.
The cause of the failure is the falling off of blades in the mixer.
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