China concrete pump pipe suppliers

Dayufeiteng company is a professional China concrete pump pipe supplier in China.Today we share with you the analysis of causes and concrete pump pipe blockage.
The use of pump concrete raw materials and the mix proportion design should meet its strength durability and pump requirements. In the concrete pump in the construction process of the following factors often cause concrete pump pipe blockage.
(1) slump through small, not conducive to pumping concrete construction. Good luck to the concrete construction site, due to many reasons may slump loss is too large, causing pipe blockage.
(2) the concrete sand rate is too small, not not not to pump concrete construction. When the concrete mix ratio is designed, due to too much consideration of the strength of concrete, the sand rate is low and the tower tube is easy to be pumped when pumping.

China concrete pump pipe suppliers
(3) the segregation of concrete is poor, and it is very easy to cause pipe plugging when pumping.
(4) quick setting false set can cause blockage of concrete pump pipe. Concrete to stay for a long time the construction site, or in the pump tube retention time long, quick setting concrete will produce false condensate phenomenon due to high temperature, is not conducive to the construction of concrete pump.
Aiming at the tower pipe phenomenon caused by the above concrete causes, we should prevent from improving the workability of concrete, increasing sand rate and decreasing the temperature of concrete.

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