Benefits of quenching treatment of Concrete Pump Pipe

With the increasing variety of Concrete Pump Pipes on the market, the selection of Concrete Pump Pipe is also more difficult. The Concrete Pump Pipe is one of the key components of a peristaltic pump, and the end user often misplaces the tubing, making it unsuitable for the desired application. Some users even use the ordinary pipe instead of the Concrete Pump Pipe, causing disastrous consequences. However, when designing or purchasing a peristaltic pump system, many engineers often overlook an important component, the Creep Pump's Concrete Pump Pipe.

Therefore, only the Concrete Pump Pipe should be referenced, rather than the chemical compatibility level of the general piping and related materials, otherwise the Concrete Pump Pipe will be ineffective or damaged, resulting in pump damage or dangerous accidents. Many Concrete Pump Pipe suppliers offer chemical compatibility tables. However, engineers should be aware that chemical compatibility tables developed specifically for Concrete Pump Pipe should be used instead of chemical compatibility tables for common pipelines.

Because the common pipe has only general contact with the chemical, and the creep pump is in contact with the chemical fluid under pressure, the chemical compatibility level of the common pipe and the chemical compatibility level of the creep pump are not Equivalent.
     Concrete Pump Pipe 

The non-quenched concrete Pump Pipe and the quenched concrete Pump Pipe have different performance and life. The quenched concrete Pump Pipe can transport nearly 10,000 cubic meters of concrete. Concrete Pump Pipe special heat treatment equipment 砼Concrete Pump Pipe inner wall quenching heat treatment process 砼Concrete Pump Pipe is made of special material steel pipe, through the inner wall quenching, carburizing chemical treatment, the flange bushing hardness reaches 58-60 degrees, its durability is ordinary 4-5 times of the conveying pipe saves the user time and cost, eliminates the trouble of frequent replacement, and improves production efficiency.
Concrete Pump Pipe special heat treatment equipment is mainly used for the internal wall quenching heat treatment of Concrete Pump Pipe, using special transformers and inductors for more than three meters. Quenching uses a low-loss, high-insulation coaxial structure sensor. The sensor can be customized according to the specific user's pipe length and length. The sensor front end is fast-connected for customer convenience.

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